How to open related records/activities without leaving the view

Here is simple workaround for a issue that can really annoy Microsoft CRM users.

For an example, user opens an account and clicks on ‘Activities’, open the activity and then want to go back to ‘Activities’ to look at the other activity records for this account.

Now when user clicks ‘Back’ button in the browser, it will go back to the main form of the account and not under activities, this can be headache if you want to go through several activities for this account, why can’t it just go back to activities?

Here is simple workaround, if you click on ‘CTRL’ and click on the filter icon on the view, it will open that view in new window, now when you open records from this view, it will open them in second window, so you will always have the view of records open.

Filter icon:


Here is example of me doing this:




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