How to enable NAV 2016 & CRM integration

Good news for NAV and Dynamics CRM.
NAV 2016 has built-in integration for Dynamics CRM.

I will write about this topic in several posts, this first post will describe how to enable the integration.
In second post, I will write how to modify the integration and then third post, compare the built-in integration against using Scribe Insight.

Microsoft have developed integration tool for NAV and CRM before, it is called NAV Connector for CRM.
There has been many issues/bugs and restrictions with that connector, this built-in integration in NAV 2016 has replaced that connector.

Is it better? YES!

I will write more about why I think it is better in next post.
Here are some of the reasons:

  • Users can open customers from NAV in CRM and the other way around.
  • Users can manually select which customers to sync. in CRM.
  • Users can manually link/couple customer from NAV to one customer in CRM.
  • Users can view customers in CRM and manually select which customer they want to create in NAV.
  • NAV_CRM_Ribbon

To enable integration (Do this in test/demo environment and NOT in production to make sure that your requirements and business process are working):

  1. Open CRM and import solution, this solution file is included in the NAV installation files.
  2. Open one random account and click on ‘Dynamics NAV’ button on the ribbon, it will prompt you for NAV Webclient URL, this is only first time.
    Type the URL and click ‘Save & Close’CRM_NAV_WebClient
  3. Here is screenshot of the solution components, it includes mostly used entities for integration.
    I will write about the components in more detail in my next blog.NAV_CRM_SolutionComponents.png
  4. Now open NAV and search for ‘crm’, click on ‘Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connection Setup’NAV_CRM_Component.png
  5. Type in required fields as shown on the screenshot and click on ‘Test Connection’
  6. Then click on ‘Actions’ tab and click on ‘Use Default Synchronization Setup’.NAV_CRM_DefaultSolutionThis will enable integration for following table/entities:NAV_CRM_Tables.png
  7. The integration is now enabled but it will synchronize data automatically.
    To do that, you need to setup Job Queue in NAV.
    For testing, you can active the synchronization manually.

I have tested this on Dynamics CRM 2015 7.1 and Dynamics CRM 2016 8.0


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