Why upgrade Dynamics CRM 2011?

Purpose of upgrading

There are technical and business reasons for upgrading CRM 2011 to CRM 2015.


Mainstream support for CRM 2011 will end 12 July 2016 and enter extended support phase. Read support life-cycle for more information.

CRM 2013 and CRM 2015 have been released. CRM 2016 is expected to be released end this year or Q1 2016. There are some issues with CRM 2011 and latest products of Microsoft. For an example, Outlook 2013 and CRM 2011 is not performing well. Latest update for CRM 2011 was two years ago.


There are many new features in CRM 2015 comparing to CRM 2011. Here are some of them.

  • Calculated Fields
  • Improved Business Rules
  • Branching Logic for Guided Processes
  • Sales Hierarchies
  • Product Entity Enhancements
  • Rollup Fields
  • Pause / Resume SLA
  • Improve Sync Between CRM & Outlook or Exchange
  • Field Level Security for Standard CRM Fields
  • Search Improvements
  • Nested Quick Create Forms
  • Brand new UX design
  • Less clicks and less windows to open when working in CRM
  • Faster loading forms

Some screenshot samples of CRM 2015


New form design, this is example of account form.


Support life-cycle



10-22-2015 9-14-58 PM


Benefits of upgrading

  • There are many new features in latest version of CRM that can improve user experience.
  • Outlook client has better performance, interface and much more integrated with Outlook.
  • On the technical part, it is supporting all latest products by Microsoft without any issues.
  • Less learning needed for each time new version is released

Downside of upgrading

  • There is higher software requirements, like minimum version of SQL 2012.
  • CRM users will need an introduction to the new interface, it can be provided as ‘Quick Guide’ document, recorded video or class training.
  • Upgrade Cost

Benefits of staying on CRM 2011

  • Business as usual
  • No upgrade cost

Downside of staying on CRM 2011

  • Support will expire in 2016
  • No future updates
  • Not compatible with future products of Microsoft
  • Upgrade path will increase each time new CRM version is released
  • Learning curve will increase each time new CRM version is released

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