Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Duplicate Detection Guide

guide for Dynamics CRM – how to enable duplicate detection.

Enable/Disable duplicate detection:

Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Click on Settings -> Data Management -> Duplicate Detection Settings

You should see this window:

Click on image to see in fullsize

As you can see, you can disable and enable duplicate detection and when it should be active.

Create or edit duplicate detection rules:

Click on Settings -> Data Management -> Duplicate Detection Rules

Here you can create your own duplicate detection rules.
In this example we will create rule for contacts.
We want to get duplicate warning when there are two or more contacts with same fullname and e-mail.

Click on ‘New’

Type “Contacts” in feld ‘Name’

Click on ‘Base Record Type’ and select ‘Contact’

‘Mathching Record Type’ should be preconfigured on ‘Contact’, if not, select ‘Contact’

Under ‘Base Record Field’, select ‘First Name’ and same for ‘Matching Record Field’

Select ‘Exact Match’ for ‘Criteria’

Do same process for ‘Last Name’  and ‘E-mail’ fields.

When you are done, it should look like this:

Click on image to see in fullsize

Click on ‘Save’ and then on ‘Publish’

Now this rule is active in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so everytime user creates or updates contact, it will search Dynamics CRM for duplicate of the contact using ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘E-mail’.
If there is duplicate, warning window will come up, you can decide to create new contact or cancel.
It is still up to the user if record should be created, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can’t force the user to not create duplicates.

You can also use duplicate detection rules on two differect objects.
For example if you want to check when creating new lead if contact or account with same e-mail already exists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM as customer.

Thanks for reading.

If you need help with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact us on or call us on +45 20 72 72 68

Kind regards

Damir O. Miljic


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