Duplicates in Dynamics CRM, do you have this problem?

I have seen many CRM systems with duplicates even if they are using the default duplicate detection feature in Dynamics CRM.

The default duplicate detection can’t prohibit the user from creating duplicate, only give warning.
Here is overview when the default duplicate detection will run/detect duplicate:

  1. When user manually creates or update data (Gives warning but user can still create duplicate)
  2. Importing data
  3. Synchronizing data from offline mode to online mode

Here is overview when the default duplicate detection will NOT run/detect duplicate:

  1. Integration (If you have integration tool then default duplicate detection will not run/detect)
  2. Plug-ins
  3. Workflows
  4. If the users security role don’t have access to the existing data in CRM
  5. User can create duplicate even when duplicate warning is shown

Let’s say that you have duplicates in the system and want to clean up.
The default duplicate detection has a feature where it can scan if there are duplicates of current data and give you result.
In my opinion the result is not very user friendly but let’s go further and talk about how to clean up the duplicates.
The result will show you duplicates and there can be around 12 records on one page, if you have many duplicates then you need to click to latest page to see how many there are.
To clean up, you need to select one duplicate record and have the option to merge it manually or automatically.
You will need to do this for every duplicate and can be time consuming if there are many.
There is another solution where you developer can merge the duplicate records using the CRM SDK merge function, to do this the developer needs to write some code to do it.

Here comes the BUT

But the default merge function is only available on accounts, contacts and leads.
If you have other type of data in CRM that are duplicates, you can’t merge the data using the default duplicate detection or CRM SDK merge function.

If you want to try a better option for preventing duplicates in your system, we provide 14 days trial of duplicate detection addon for Dynamics CRM with all features enabled.
Some of the feature are that you can control if users are allowed to create duplicate or not, you can get report of duplicate and also in PDF with link to the record. You can create duplicate rules on all entities and also merge duplicates on all entities including bulk merge. There are many more features, click on the link to find out more or contact me directly.
I can also install the duplicate detection addon and give you quick guide for no extra charge!
Link: http://duplicate.cowia.com

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me.



  1. Do you know any way how to merge duplicate records with CUSTOM ENTITY.
    If you have, please let me know and send me a sample code.
    Thank you very mcuh


    • Hi Christell.

      Our duplicate detection tool works on default and custom entities.
      You are welcome to try it for 14 days.

      Tell me which CRM version you have and I will send you the solution file for the addon.


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